New Amway Arena Floor Poured By ConTech and Superior Concrete

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Finishing Concrete at Amway Arena

Finishing Concrete at Amway Arena

The new ice floor was poured on February 26th starting at 4AM.  The
floor is 8″ thick and 18,000 square feet.  Just pouring took seven
hours, and the crew of twenty men poured a total of 420 cubic yards of
concrete.  The finishing crew worked all day and into the evening to
polish the floor to an almost mirror-like surface.

We were working directly for Cimco Refrigeration, a firm that
specializes in ice floors, installing over 4,500 ice floors world-wide.
They are the official floor installer for the National Hockey League.
Check them out at They
were heavily involved in the Vancouver Olympic Games venues.

The Orlando Events Center Slab is resting on two layers of insulation
covered by 10 inches of sand.  This keeps the ground under the slab from
freezing.  Miles of refrigeration piping is embedded in the slab we
poured to freeze the water to transform the concrete into an ice rink.
We had to take extreme care not to puncture any of the plastic pipes
while pouring.

This was one of the most interesting projects we have been a part of,
and we are proud to have been chosen to pour the new floor for the
Orlando Magic.  Cimco representatives said this was one of very best
floors they have had installed.  Congratulations to all of our team